We match the highest quality construction projects with the best experts.

Labro selects the best projects on the construction market and searches for the most suitable experts for them. Join us and experience the great conditions that only our projects provide.

How does cooperation with Labro work?

Registration form

Fill out an online questionnaire about you, your experience, your job preferences, and your IDs and qualifications.

Working exam

Our recruiter will contact you by phone or email and invite you to a working exam in Košice.

Database registration

After successfully passing the working exam, we will sign you up to our database and we will contact you with job offers.

Do nášho tímu hľadáme živnostníkov, ktorí majú záujem o dlhodobú spoluprácu. Naša spoločnosť poskytuje nasledovné benefity:

  • garanciu pracovných príležitostí, 

  • kompletnú starostlivosť o pracovnú dokumentáciu, 

  • bezstarostný nástup do práce, 

  • garantované vyplácanie miezd. 

Ak sa venujete odvetviam ako:
  • predák OK

  • predák potrubár

  • potrubár

  • zvárač 
  • zámočník

  • skladník

Neváhajte nás nezáväzne kontaktovať:

email: lucia.pigova@labro.sk

telefónne číslo +421 917 133 206



We bring not only work but also care to our experts

    We guarantee payment of invoices within 21 days

    We arrange accommodation abroad

    We regularly send offers of cooperation

    We will remind you of the expiry dates of your certifications / licences

     We will provide legal consultation as required

Join Labro database. Free of charge.

Company or group
Your profession
Locksmith / Pipelifter
How many years of experience do you have?
Less than 3 years
3 – 10 years
More than 10 years
Capacity of workers

We have already found work for 650 satisfied experts

I particularly liked their quick reactions to my requests, they paid full attention to me and that’s why they found me exactly the job I was looking for. They found me a place that suited my qualifications, experience and requirements. I recommend them.
Peter, 42 y.o., fitter

I have been cooperating with the company as a welder and I am very satisfied. Constant job offers for interesting projects and a top-quality approach. I am very pleased to have found a quality Slovak company that really takes care of me.
Ján, 35 y.o., welder

I’m very satisfied. Invoices were paid within 21 days. First-class approach and accommodation arranged. They respect their staff and are available all the time. I can only recommend them.
Ivan, 39 y.o., welder

Professional approach and open communication. I am satisfied with working through LABRO.
Adam, 38 y.o., fitter

Frequently asked questions about working with Labro

No, registration into the Labro database is free of charge. Register today & start getting the job offers!

Firstly, it is needed to fill out our registration form. The more information you fill in about yourself and your qualifications, the faster we will process your registration.

After that, our colleague will contact you by phone or email, and will go through your registration and invite you to a working exam. After its successful completion, we will register you into our database. We will contact you when we find the right offer for you.

No. Immediately after the first successful registration, you will receive an email where you can set a password for our portal. If you have already registered, you can log in into your account and you can start applying for specific projects.

Can I apply for projects myself, or do I have to wait until you contact me?

You can browse all our Projects that still have free capacities. You can apply yourself, even in case you were not yet registered into our database. You can only be allocated to a project after passing a work exam.